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With a sound that blends everything you love about bedroom pop-punk of the early 2010s and the greatest bops out now, Tampa, Florida's Lychee Camp has the lyrics to cry to and the sound to dance to.
The journey began in 2015 with the "Lychee Camp EP," a five-song gem produced by Kenny Gil (Metal Blade Records, Universal Music Media Group) and studio lineup Singer/guitarist/songwriter Joe Marquez, and Cameron Jackson on drums. Followed by small tours on the east coast, the band soon disbanded due to member inconsistencies. In late 2019, Marquez was inspired to continue the project solo. He was again ready to build momentum with a collection of new songs, with producer Brooks Paschal (Sony Music, Solid State, Spartan Records) as Co-Producer. A series of singles soon followed until Early 2022, when the singles caught the attention of Drummer Travis Nolan. From then on, the two-piece began to shape the live adaptations of the songs. New and old until meeting Bassist Alex Vestal shortly after and rounding the sound into a three-piece band. The Current lineup consisting of Vestal, Nolan, and Marquez has since released a self-produced rendition of the single "Over and Over" exclusively on the band's youtube (for now). The band is hungrier than ever and ready to leave its mark on the world.


DS exclusive: Tampa pop-punk band Lychee Camp debut music video for new single “Tell Me A Lie”

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